Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America Day

Friday we celebrated Read Across America Day!  It was such a fun day!!  We asked our parents to send in Dr. Seuss treats and let's just say....they came through.  Thanks parents for sending some awesome treats.  They were ALL enjoyed!  Check these out.

Say what???  Can you believe we had that many treats sent in?  It was awesome!!!  Let's just say that our room was the place to be.  (I think I even missed a picture of a few items.)

During the day we had some people scheduled to come in and read to our class.  First up....the P.E. teachers.  They were so fun!  They read the Dr. Seuss book Great Day for Up.  But, being the P.E. teachers they are, they made the kids jump up every time they read the word up.  FUN!!

Listening quietly.

Jumping up. 

In case you are wondering why our P.E. teachers are dressed up like Batman and Spider-man, well, that's another post!

Our second reader for the day was Mrs. Becky Jenkins.  She is the youth director at my mentor teacher's church.  You could tell that she just has a love for children!

Next up....Mr. Matt.  Mr. Matt is my mentor teacher's husband.  He chose There's a Wocket in my Pocket.  The kids love when Mr. Matt comes to visit!

One of the dads in our classroom read the classic Green Eggs and Ham.

The last reader for the day was none other than....Mr. Kyle!  My better half!!  He did such a great job and the kids loved him.  He read Maybe you should fly a jet?  Maybe you should be a vet?  He asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grow up after he finished reading.  The mos popular answers?  A diamond miner.  A spy.  A lion tamer.  Crazy kids!  Love that imagination!

Are you wondering why all the kids are wearing red?  I made them these awesome stickers to put on their shirts.  We had 19 things in our classroom.  

Aren't they the cutest Things you ever did see???? 

My camera was snapping all day long.  Here are a few other pics from the day.

Which treat should I choose?

We had such a fun day!!!  The students were engaged ALL day long and we were able to get through all the lessons we had planned.....even with some hyped up kids!  All of these kids have a love of reading and it shows!!  

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