Friday, May 23, 2014

3rd Grade Memories

I wanted to do something for my kids as a gift for the end of the year.  I worked for a few weeks on a slideshow for them.  I gave it to them on their last day of school during our class awards.  I used happy songs so the parents wouldn't cry (and maybe me too).  I think it turned out super cute!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School's Out for Summer!!

WOW!!  My last day of Student Teaching was AMAZING!!!  The students, and my mentor teacher, spoiled me rotten!!  It was AWESOME!!!!  They all got together and loaded me up with teacher goodies.  Check this out...

My last day was the afternoon after the last day of TCAP testing, so the students really enjoyed the celebration!  Even a few moms were able to come out and party!!

I was planning a surprise for the kids for the last day of school, but I wanted to give them something on my last day.  My solution to that problem: I wrote them a poem!  It was so fun reading it to them.

Words can not describe my experience Student Teaching this year.  My Mentor Teacher was amazing in so many different ways.  I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned from her, and I know they will last my entire career.  Being placed with this class was truly a gift from God.  I learned something every day from the students in my classroom.  I will always remember my first class!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reference Sources

My last formal observation of the year was on Reference Sources.  I was so happy to get this last observation done!!!  We reserved the library and were able to explore four different kinds of reference sources.  I taught a mini-lesson and then we got to work at the four stations!  This concept was challenging for these third graders, but the hands on experience they were able to gain was beneficial in helping them master this standard.  My last observation is over and I did great!!!