Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stuck on You: A Lesson on Magnets

This lesson on magnets was so engaging for the students!  The school where I am student teaching has so many resources to use!  I went to the library and was able to check out several different magnet kits and different types of magnets.  It is so cool having these resources!

Before the lesson I had the students make predictions on whether or not an item was magnetic. I put some tricky items on the list!  After the lesson the students went back to their desk to revise their predictions based on what they had learned.  Most students predicted that the coins were going to be magnetic so they all had to change those predictions.

After we revised our predictions we performed the experiment to determine if these items were magnetic or not. 

We used our magnets for our Fun Friday magnet station.  We used different kind of magnets to see which would hold the most paper clips.  We used our magnets around the room to find things in our classroom that were magnetic.  Then we made our own magnet to hang on our refrigerator at home! 

These girls wanted to test and see if Christian was magnetic!!

I decided to list the two magnet activities that I made on TeachersPayTeachers.  These were my first listings on that site.  Click on the pictures below to go to my listings.  The first one has been downloaded 89 times and the second one has been downloaded 122 times.  I even found them pinned on Pinterest!!

Are you wondering why the students have fractions on their shirts?  Stay Tuned........that's another post!!!!  

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