Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I have been waiting to do a post about my graduation because I was using this blog as a tool to get a job.  I wanted perspective principals to be able to look at some of my lessons (without having to view too much personal stuff!)  But, that doesn't matter now....because I have a job!!  That will be my next post!

We had a graduation reception at school that I planned along with some of my classmates.  It turned out wonderful!

I made some awesome centerpieces out of pencil vases.  I know you can't tell from the pic, but I also used Dr. Seuss ribbon.  So cute!!  

My friend, Stephanie, did most of the arranging of the food table.  She made it look awesome!  I even made Sharon's Super Secret Punch for the event!!

My SUPER, AWESOME mentor teacher came for the reception.  I tried to get a picture with her, but Callie insisted on being in it too.  She loves her!  That's a good thing because she will be her 3rd grade teacher this year.

Dr. Tiller gave a speech.  It was awesome!  He had roses for everyone.  His speech was something about how you have to prune a rose to make it even more beautiful, or something along those lines.

We were presented with certificates, and then I had made a slide show for everyone.  I think it turned out awesome!!!

Couldn't have done it without these girls!!

It was an awesome reception, and I enjoyed my family being able to come and celebrate with me!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

3rd Grade Memories

I wanted to do something for my kids as a gift for the end of the year.  I worked for a few weeks on a slideshow for them.  I gave it to them on their last day of school during our class awards.  I used happy songs so the parents wouldn't cry (and maybe me too).  I think it turned out super cute!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School's Out for Summer!!

WOW!!  My last day of Student Teaching was AMAZING!!!  The students, and my mentor teacher, spoiled me rotten!!  It was AWESOME!!!!  They all got together and loaded me up with teacher goodies.  Check this out...

My last day was the afternoon after the last day of TCAP testing, so the students really enjoyed the celebration!  Even a few moms were able to come out and party!!

I was planning a surprise for the kids for the last day of school, but I wanted to give them something on my last day.  My solution to that problem: I wrote them a poem!  It was so fun reading it to them.

Words can not describe my experience Student Teaching this year.  My Mentor Teacher was amazing in so many different ways.  I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned from her, and I know they will last my entire career.  Being placed with this class was truly a gift from God.  I learned something every day from the students in my classroom.  I will always remember my first class!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reference Sources

My last formal observation of the year was on Reference Sources.  I was so happy to get this last observation done!!!  We reserved the library and were able to explore four different kinds of reference sources.  I taught a mini-lesson and then we got to work at the four stations!  This concept was challenging for these third graders, but the hands on experience they were able to gain was beneficial in helping them master this standard.  My last observation is over and I did great!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Technology Rocks!

I had so much fun teaching a unit on Technology in Science.  We discussed all different kids of technology, and at the end of the unit the students created their own piece of technology.  They had to solve a real world problem with their technology, but their solution could be a little far-fetched.  They came up with some GREAT inventions!  After designing their invention, the students had to present their inventions to the "patent office" (their classmates).

The Robot Helper-

Electric Fence-

The Uncrashable Car-

The Infinite Ink Pen-

 Kaeton-Cat Litter Machine

Pet Toilet 3000- 

Emma-Electric Fence
Maecie-Pet Toilet 3000
Shelby-Glasses 101
Leah-Stranger Danger Clip
Avery-The Uncrashable Car

William-Army Machine
Kelsie-The Robot Dog
Shane-The Flying Chair
Griffin-The Army Robot
Carmen-The Robot Goat

The patent office voted on their favorites and here are the winners:
Mckenna-The Artsie
Maecie-The Pet Toilet 3000
Leah-The Stranger Danger Clip

The patent office gave a thumbs up if they liked the invention!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fractions, Fractions, and more Fractions

I had to teach three lessons this semester that I had to video record and will have to send off to Pearson to be scored.  I could choose to do ELA or Math.  Obviously...I chose math!  (Don't get me wrong....I love literacy too!)

We worked on using models to add and subtract fractions.

My focus lesson was my lesson on fractions on the number line.  This lesson was also one of my formal observations.  I turned each of my students into a fraction.  This lesson gave me a great opportunity to differentiate instruction to meet all of my students needs. 

Cutest fractions ever??????

After we made the cutest number line ever, we went on a number line scavenger hunt.  

I used task cards for this scavenger hunt.  I loved how it engaged the students and had them working together, but also had them working hard!!!  The perfect combination.  I love all the different strategies you can use to teach math!

A little preview of my next post: my students were responsible for designing their own invention and presenting it to the "patent office".