Friday, September 6, 2013

Peace, Love, Third Grade

After a long summer of waiting to find out where I was going to be placed, I got my placement.  I am super excited to be in the third grade!  I am in a different system than my kids so I'm a little stressed about that, but I'm sure it will be fine.  My Mentor Teacher is amazing!  She just completed the Ironman Competition in Louisville a few weeks ago.  (Say What?????)  She is a workhorse...which I LOVE!!  That is the kind of teacher that I want to be so I'm pumped to learn from her.  I've met the class and they are super awesome!!  Here I am the day I met the class.  (Photography by my wonderful 7 year old photographer who was not up for taking a re-take.)

The first thing she asked me to do was to write a "Meet the Student Teacher" letter.  I had fun writing it!  I downloaded a few new fonts for it.  I love new fonts!

One of the first dates she asked me to write down was Parent/Teacher conference night.  I loved going and meeting so many of the parents.  They were all wonderful!  When I got there that night she had set me up a desk.  Her room is decorated with a Rock Star theme so the front of my desk says "Our ROCKIN' Student Teacher".   LOVE IT!!! 

I am transitioning into her classroom over the next month.  I am going to my college classroom for the first part of the semester.  We are knee-deep in the Common Core right now.  My college classes will transition online and then I will be in my student teaching classroom for two days a week until Christmas.  After Christmas I will be student teaching full-time.  I love my classmates, but am ready to be in my elementary school full-time!

I have been in the corporate world since 2001.  At times this life change is easy, and there are times when this is super hard!  I have been with the same employer since 2003 (10!) and she thinks I hung the moon.  It is very nerve-wracking to start at the bottom again.  I pray that God will put me where I am needed (which he did with my student teaching position).  Please pray for me this year.  Pray that I will do a good job and that a principal will see me as an asset to their team next year.

Thank you all for following me on my journey.  246 days until Graduation!