Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Technology Rocks!

I had so much fun teaching a unit on Technology in Science.  We discussed all different kids of technology, and at the end of the unit the students created their own piece of technology.  They had to solve a real world problem with their technology, but their solution could be a little far-fetched.  They came up with some GREAT inventions!  After designing their invention, the students had to present their inventions to the "patent office" (their classmates).

The Robot Helper-

Electric Fence-

The Uncrashable Car-

The Infinite Ink Pen-

 Kaeton-Cat Litter Machine

Pet Toilet 3000- 

Emma-Electric Fence
Maecie-Pet Toilet 3000
Shelby-Glasses 101
Leah-Stranger Danger Clip
Avery-The Uncrashable Car

William-Army Machine
Kelsie-The Robot Dog
Shane-The Flying Chair
Griffin-The Army Robot
Carmen-The Robot Goat

The patent office voted on their favorites and here are the winners:
Mckenna-The Artsie
Maecie-The Pet Toilet 3000
Leah-The Stranger Danger Clip

The patent office gave a thumbs up if they liked the invention!