Monday, May 6, 2013

4th Grade Read Aloud- Crickwing

My first lesson I taught in the classroom was a read-aloud.  I've been subbing so this wasn't the first lesson I've actually taught, but it was the first lesson that I wrote and taught myself.  I have been in a 4th grade classroom so I picked the book Crickwing by Janell Cannon.  She is the author of Stellaluna.  Crickwing is really cute book where the character changes drastically from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. 

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I first taught this lesson in my college classroom as practice and then taught it in my 4th grade classroom.  I decided to make the main goal of my lesson about character traits.  The first thing I did was to have the students tell me about their teacher.  They came up with some great character traits for her.  I listed those on the board and reminded them that they were character traits.

I found this super cool Character Map by Colleen at Totally Terrific In Texas.  It was PERFECT for this lesson.  Thanks Colleen!

I was blessed with a wonderful class this semester.  I never saw one of them misbehave.  I almost thought I was dreaming.  They were wonderful while I taught this lesson.  My instructor came and watched me teach it so it was a little nerve-wracking with her there.  It went great and both teachers gave me great reviews.  They both said they could tell I was very comfortable in the classroom.  I enjoyed seeing some of the completed Character Maps.  

 photo 20130506_160403_zps9c3fba40.jpg photo 20130506_160415_zps86ce74bd.jpg

One student wrote that Crickwing was diabolical.  What in the world??  4th grade??  Diabolical??  Hello expanded vocabulary!

 photo Crickwing_zpsec8f35da.jpg

If you are looking for a great read-aloud for 4th grade I would highly suggest Crickwing.  I could have done an entire unit on this book.  Maybe I will one day!  

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