Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Say Teachers Earn A Degree in Coloring

I had a Creative Arts class this semester.  All we did in this class was craft projects.  I was glad that this class was easy!!  I thought I would do a post highlighting some of the projects that we did in this class.

Rock Sculpture-I'm not sure when we would ever make rock sculptures in our classrooms?  Those kids would start beating each other with the rocks.  And, let's not even talk about the hot glue.  Mine is the one that is done with the decorative rocks.

 photo 20130207_133648_zpsfd0bcba3.jpg

Valentine's Day Box- We had class on Valentine's Day and convinced our professor to let us make this craft instead of whatever random thing he had planned.  Maybe I will use this one day!

 photo 20130214_130344_zpse9860fcb.jpg

Puppet Show- We had to write our own puppet show and perform it in front of our class.  Our characters had to be named after our grandparents.  I used a puppet that I made with Callie in girl scouts to save a little time.  My horse was named "Dale Horse."  One of the girls took a video of our puppet shows. I'll post the actual show if I can get the video from her.  

 photo IMG_20130405_092952_zps4a5ed148.jpg

Big Book-  He assigned us a title and we were to come up with our own big book.  I took pictures of the neighbor kids for my book.  I'd say most, if not all, of the books my classmates did were much better quality than mine.  By this point we knew that our grades were pass/fail so we didn't see the need in going the extra mile.  I skipped a class this week and spent time with my family!

 photo 20130425_185738_zpsf9a1f962.jpg

April Weather Calendar- I'm pretty sure that if I get a job in a classroom where I will be doing calendar time, I will just buy one instead of making one.  But, if I ever need to make one I can!  Maybe I will put that on my resume?

 photo 20130425_185711_zps396ce00c.jpg photo 20130425_133805_zps19c869bb.jpg       

Not Pictured- 
Watercolor markers-We actually drew on paper with markers and then took a paintbrush with water to them.  I was too embarrassed to take a picture of this project.
Clay Modeling- I hate clay/play dough.  I think I pawned this project off on Stephanie!  Thanks Friend!
Folk Songs- I taught the class "Hi, My name is Joe."  I thought everyone would know that song, but they didn't.  Kinda fun.  

This was the last time this class was being offered through my program.  I don't think a creative arts class is necessary in this age of technology.  I mean, who needs a Creative Arts class when you have Pinterest??  

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