Saturday, September 29, 2012

Student Tennessee Education Association

This weekend I went to the STEA conference in Nashville.  I thought STEA stood for Student Teacher Education Association.  Nope!  It's stands for Student Tennessee Education Association.  I guess 3 out of 4 words in the acronym is pretty good!

One of the perks of going to any event is the free t-shirt.  Come on, I mean that's the only reason I run races or go to conferences, right?  Imagine my surprise when we saw that the tshirt was bright yellow!!!  Pretty sure I won't be wearing this shirt anywhere other than Walmart. 

Friday night was opening night.  I really enjoyed chatting with and getting to know my classmates.  They had karaoke right after the dinner, but I quickly left before I made a fool of myself.  The theme of the conference was "The SuperPower of Teaching."  Very true.  Several members from other schools dressed up like superheroes.  I'm not that brave!

Saturday morning started the breakout sessions.  First I went to:

-10 Fun Hands on Math Activities to Teach Common Core Standards

Drs. Jeremy and Stephanie Wendt did this session and they were great!  He gave us the link to his handouts, which were awesome!  I love math so I was right at home.  You can find it here if you are interested. 

Next I went to:

-How to Get a Job, Administrators' Perspectives

That was very informative, but a lot of common sense.  I mean, do people really talk on their cell phones while waiting in the lobby for a interview?  Come on people!  Actually, go right ahead and do that people.....makes my chances of getting the job you want much better!

Finally, I went to:

-Ag Can be Fun

It was awesome!  Carole Willis from MTSU did this session and she was wonderful.  She told us about so many resources that are available to use.  The Tennessee Farm Bureau is FULL of resources for teachers, many of which are free!  She gave us a ton of resources too.

During lunch someone came around and gave us this book.  Party Favor, I guess.

After our sessions we ate lunch, nominated our friends for officers, and ended the conference. 


  1. Just saw a blog comment you left! The t-shirt is adorable:) I am your newest follower! Keep getting your name out there and you will see your list of followers grow.

    I would love you to stop by and visit my blog.
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    1. Thanks Tammy! I am already in love with the blogging world and seeing my list of followers grow. Thanks for the encouragement! Your blog is awesome!

  2. Sharon - you are too cute! I just found you and am your newest follower. Good for you that you have started a will be great to document everything you are learning in school right now. I too am a wife/mom/christian. God is good!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After