Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing Desert Sky Elementary

So, I am in a cohort with about 25 people.  I love this part of my program!  I go to class everyday with the same people.  Everyone in my cohort is awesome!  I'm really enjoying getting to know everyone in our group.  But, my table is super awesome!  We are our own elementary school.  So, let me introduce you to Desert Sky Elementary. 

From Left to Right:
Stephanie is our kindergarten teacher.
Tiffany is our third grade teacher.
I am the second grade teacher.
Brandi is our first grade teacher.

Stephanie and I have been friends for a year now.  We took a class together last fall, spring, and summer.  She is the bomb!!!  She is married with a sweet little girl named Scarlett.  I am so glad that we are doing this program together.  Did I say she was the bomb?

Tiffany is from Hendersonville and is in super love with her boyfriend!  I think they have been together since the third grade or something crazy like that.  She loves going to football games and she works at Panera.  She's waiting for a ring!! 

Brandi is a fellow White House girl.  She loves horses and has a few.  She's in super love with her boyfriend too!!  Brandi is our resident over-achiever and we love her for it!!

Our assignment yesterday was to work on a budget for Mary Jane and make a chart.  I think ours was super cute!

I made an A on my first paper with a very scary teacher.  YAY!!  I love the fact that he drew a smiley on my paper.  :)  He's kinda scary, but he's super cool too. 

My first few weeks are going very well.  I think that's about to change and I'm about to get VERY, VERY busy!  I start my time in the schools next week.  Stay tuned......

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