Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I have been waiting to do a post about my graduation because I was using this blog as a tool to get a job.  I wanted perspective principals to be able to look at some of my lessons (without having to view too much personal stuff!)  But, that doesn't matter now....because I have a job!!  That will be my next post!

We had a graduation reception at school that I planned along with some of my classmates.  It turned out wonderful!

I made some awesome centerpieces out of pencil vases.  I know you can't tell from the pic, but I also used Dr. Seuss ribbon.  So cute!!  

My friend, Stephanie, did most of the arranging of the food table.  She made it look awesome!  I even made Sharon's Super Secret Punch for the event!!

My SUPER, AWESOME mentor teacher came for the reception.  I tried to get a picture with her, but Callie insisted on being in it too.  She loves her!  That's a good thing because she will be her 3rd grade teacher this year.

Dr. Tiller gave a speech.  It was awesome!  He had roses for everyone.  His speech was something about how you have to prune a rose to make it even more beautiful, or something along those lines.

We were presented with certificates, and then I had made a slide show for everyone.  I think it turned out awesome!!!

Couldn't have done it without these girls!!

It was an awesome reception, and I enjoyed my family being able to come and celebrate with me!!

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